Disaster Exercise Patient Scenarios

EPTEC Inc.'s Disaster Exercise Patient ScenariosWHAT ARE CREDIBLE MEDICAL PATIENT SCENARIOS? They are a key element in full-scale emergency response training and exercises — they are also the hardest part about writing such exercises.

Emergency Management Products LLC maintains a database of exercise-tested, credible medical patient scenarios that will make your exercises more effective. Our Disaster Exercise Patient Scenarios are:

  • Available in a sortable selection based on triage level, age or type of scenario — this saves you time AND money!
  • Medically credible, showing patient changes over time — the quality of our scenarios are consistent and assured.

In addition to our patient scenarios being medically accurate, they are also field-tested for a variety of exercises. For example, our scenarios:

  • Work from the field through to the hospital.
  • Present information using standard EMS mnemonics.
  • Provide advanced medical information for the hospital.
  • Can be used to create a medical examiner’s/coroner’s scenario.
  • Can be provided in START/JumpSTART format.

Once you purchase your self-selected scenario package, it is yours to reuse as needed. (Each scenario is copyrighted; the scenarios may not be shared with other organizations.)

EPTEC Sample Patient Scenario

Click Image Above to Download Sample PDF

To review a full list of patient scenarios, please contact EPTEC Inc. directly. We will provide you with a list of available scenarios from which to choose.

If you need help selecting a set of scenarios, we will be more than happy to assist you. If you cannot find the scenario you need, we will gladly write for you a customized scenarios (or group of scenarios) at the same rate as those already available.

To get a sense of the detailed information included EPTEC Inc.’s Disaster Exercise Patient Scenarios, download a Sample Patient Scenario (PDF). There are hundreds from which to choose.

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